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Dan is available as a consultant to start up as well as mature companies in areas of mutual interest.


About Dan

Dan Wermeling was a tenured professor at the University of Kentucky.  His principal areas of interest were early stage clinical drug development, drug delivery systems, analgesic delivery systems, and nasal drug delivery.  As an instructor he was responsible for courses entitled Introduction to Therapeutics (PY2) and FDA Regulation and Clinical Research Methods (graduate), and Clinical Reasoning (PY1).  Service obligations included formation and managing an Investigational Drug Service, formation of the clinical trials office, and creating a novel mobile pharmacy operation for initiating dispensing of Narcan to individuals at high risk of opioid overdose.

Dan was a consultant to the pharmaceutical industry in areas of clinical pharmacology, clinical trials, and drug delivery assessment.  He was principal investigator for Phase 1 compounds, new delivery systems and many trials of new analgesics.

Dan has an entrepreneurial spirit and has founded several start up companies during his career.  His most recent success was the commercialization of Nalscue brand of naloxone nasal spray.  He holds several patents and has had 10 INDs and 1 NDA.

His consulting career has included the legal system in the areas of medical malpractice and patent litigation.


Consulting Topics

Drug Development Services

Dr. Wermeling has over 30 years experience in the drug development field with special capabilities in centrally acting medications and nasal drug delivery.  Dr. Wermeling offers services in:
  • IND/NDA development, drafting, and editing of various sections.
  • Clinical protocol development
  • Data review and interpretation
  • Study and medical report writing
  • Mock FDA committee meetings
  • Other topics upon request

Legal Review

Medical Malpractice Regarding Medication Use
Dr. Wermeling has been deposes and testified in trial regarding medical malpractice cases involving medications and standard of care.  Many cases involved the use of opioids in different clinical and societal contexts.  He has taught pain management therapeutics to college of pharmacy students for his tenure as a professor.  He offers review and opinion services.
Patent and Intellectual Property Litigation Review
Dr. Wermeling has served as a consultant to pharmaceutical companies during patent litigation both in public and behind the scenes as an advisor.  Most litigation involved drug delivery, systems, nasal delivery, and opioid related suits.  Specific cases are listed in his CV.  He offers review and opinion services.

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NIH SBIR/STTR Small Business Grant Development and Funding

Dr. Wermeling is experienced with initiation of start up pharmaceutical companies, especially using a virtual company model.  He was awarded all 5 NIH STTR grant applications made, totaling over $ 4.5 million in awards.

Dan is available as a consultant to start up as well as mature companies in areas of mutual interest.

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Daniel Wermeling, Pharm.D., FASHP FCCP

President, AntiOp Inc.
Emeritus Professor
University of Kentucky


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